Gary Vorhies – Expert Sales Representative

Gary Vorhies understands that sales drive a business forwardand that his role is important to create not only new business for his company,but also keep current client relationships strong and on a path moving forward.Gary Vorhies is a highly motivated and highly dedicated sales representativecurrently working in the professional industry today. He has gained an immenseamount of experience in the field and is dedicated to climbing the ranks in hiscurrent company. As a sales representative, he is trusted to work with peoplefrom all over the world and handle potential clients for the Canadian drillingcompany where he is currently employed.

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Gary Vorhies – Pushing Past Writer’s Block

Encountering writer’s block can be a challenging and disheartening experience. For writers, the inspiration has a tendency to waver from time to time, and sitting down to write can be excruciating. Luckily, there are numerous tips and tricks that can help get your creative juices flowing again. Gary Vorhies, a sales representative for a Canadian oil drilling company, is inspired to write poetry about the wilderness surrounding his farm, and he employs the following techniques when he finds himself getting stuck.

Gary Vorhies

1. Read your favorite authors, poets, and essayists over again and borrow ideas from them. Take a concept or phrase from their writing and use it to create something new.

2.Spend a week journaling without re-reading what you’ve written. In one week, look back over your thoughts to see if there’s anything that you feel inclined to continue working with.

3. Look back at an unfinished poem, story, or essay that you wrote a great deal of time ago and revisit that writing. This could be the time to pick it back up, and you won’t have to generate anything new.

4. If you don’t belong to one already, seek out a writers group that puts out weekly writing projects. Having to regularly share work with a group of people will help keep you accountable and force you to sit down and produce a piece.

5. Write a stream of consciousness piece. If you can salvage one or two sentences or lines to use later, the exercise will have been a success.

Gary Vorhies lives a quiet life in Greybull, Wyoming.

Gary Vorhies – Deepening Your Leadership Skills

Regardless of the profession, honing your leadership skills will naturally help you achieve your goals in the workplace and open up more opportunities for advancement. Gary Vorhies of Wyoming, a sales representative working for a Canada-based oil drilling company, knows that with the desire and proper techniques, anyone can be a leader. He recommends considering the following pieces of advice to those who are committed to becoming leadership models in their industries.

Gary Vorhies

  1. Be the example. At all costs, remain a positive and solutions-based force in your place of employment. In any company or organization, both minor and serious problems will arise that require level-headed and calm attention. For those working in teams, developing strategies that will enhance the work of each team member will improve both the quality of work and morale.
  2. Request feedback regularly. The greatest leaders still take the time to reflect on their work and interactions, and reflection is necessitated by asking what you can do better. Consider the concept that you have more to learn, no matter how high up your position is, and take this feedback humbly.
  3. Be an active listener. Speaking less and listening more will help you manage even the most stressful of situations gracefully. By understanding the communication styles of those you work with, you can present information in a way that will ultimately solve problems more quickly and efficiently.

Gary Vorhies is dedicated to taking on leadership roles in his organization and supporting the work of both his clients and colleagues.


Gary Vorhies – Two Guidelines for Building Trust in the Sales Profession

A profession in sales is both rewarding and satisfying, providing customers with products and tools that will ultimately make your clients’ lives easier. Of course, there are numerous tricks of the trade that have the ability to drive your numbers up, but there is one crucial element that will ensure a bright future in your work: trust. Gary Vorhies, a valuable sales representative working with a Canadian drilling company, shares a two of his methods for building trust with your clients.

Gary Vorhies

  1. Know your information. Make it a point to be able to answer any and all questions. If your client senses any knowledge gaps during your pitch, this will make the sell much harder. Knowing your product inside and out is the first essential step to begin building that trust and rapport with your customer. Any mishaps in this area could set the relationship-building back or even end the communication.
  2. Treat your clients with integrity. Follow through on all commitments that you have agreed to do, and keep the best interests of your clients in mind. Even if it means that your client would be better off with a less profitable service, or an entirely different service, you have still built relationships in which the buyer feels valued. In the end, this will give you much more mileage as you’re creating a network that will continue to branch out. Sometimes it takes longer, but integrity sells.

Gary Vorhies lives in Wyoming and always looks forward to meeting new customers.