Gary Vorhies – A Beginner’s Introduction to Success in the Sales Profession

Gary Vorhies knows that breaking into the sales industry can be simultaneously exciting, jarring, challenging and intimidating. Committing to a profession where the nature of your work is shaped by helping your clients achieve their goals is deeply rewarding and meaningful. By becoming an expert of a particular product or service, you are selling a dream and a vision.

As Gary Vorhies knows, building your professional network is an essential focus from day one. Though it’s possible that you may be conducting a number of cold calls, or calls with no solicitation, very early on in your employment, ask as many colleagues in your company or related organizations for any contacts or leads that may be of use to you. While cold calling is a fundamental element of the profession, beginning sales representatives must begin to make plans about how to deepen pre-existing relationships with clients as well as new ones from the very beginning. Gary Vorhies recommends to those who are new to the field to begin using your network immediately and never stop looking for new connections.

Gary Vorhies
Gary Vorhies

Keeping a record of all outgoing phone calls, emails, written mail, and any other forms of communication is an excellent tool for staying organized and knowing exactly where you’ve left off with a client. Create customer profiles in a way that you will always know exactly where to begin during your next meeting. During these conversations, take notes and make sure to write down questions that you aren’t able to answer immediately and respond as soon as possible. Gary Vorhies offers that organization is key to ensuring that each client feels valued.

One of Gary Vorhies’ most important considerations is the client’s emotional state. If you recognize that your customer is feeling particularly stressed or uncertain about how to proceed, offer to go the extra mile and help them manage the situation. This can manifest in a number of ways, like recommending a resource or referring them to an organization that provides a useful service or product. Assisting your clients as they manage hardship is a key relationship-building tactic that will ensure loyalty and referrals to prospective customers.

Gary Vorhies is a sales representative for a highly esteemed Canada-based drilling company, and he genuinely takes an interest in the success and wellbeing of his fellow sales professionals. He lives in Greybull, Wyoming with his two dogs.