The Duties of a Sales Representative

The business industry is home to many different jobs that people can do. Whether you go into management, sales, or finance, you are always going to find a job that will require you to be on top of your game, hard-working, and dedicated to the company. One such job is a sales representative.

Gary VorhiesEssentially, sales representatives are employees who sell goods and services to people. They can work in different companies, but they all have some of the same tasks across the board. Manufacturers and wholesale companies rely heavily on their sales representatives to get their merchandise in the hands of other companies that need them. This could be anything from clothing to supplies for a hospital.

There are a few traits that are important to have if you want to be a sales representative. People need to be outgoing and social, and they should love to travel. To be in sales, you have to know how to sell things. Being outgoing can help this because you will know just how to engage the customer and bring them in to buy. If you love to travel, then sales would be perfect because people in sales are often asked to travel all over the state, or even the country, going to different businesses to sell to.

Gary Vorhies knows all about being a sales representative. He works for a Canadian drilling company and is working his way up the professional ladder into middle management. If he does not make it, he perfectly enjoys his job in sales, and makes sure he gives it everything he has, every day.