Labrador Retrievers are more than Just Pets

Many families who are looking to get a new dog have a hard time picking out which breed they should choose to have. This can be quite a situation because there are so many great breeds out there for families. One breed that can be more than just a family pet is the Labrador Retriever. These dogs are common to the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

Gary VorhiesThese amazing dogs are more than just a family friend. They were bred to be hunting dogs that would retrieve the ducks and geese that were shot. They are now most popularly bred as service dogs; this is because they are intelligent and can learn how to handle many different situations. This breed of dog, in particular, is great to have for people who need aid for many different medical ailments. Blind people generally rely on them as seeing-eye dogs, but people with autism can use them as therapy dogs. Police forces also use them for screening and detection work.

Labradors are great swimmers. They can tread water easily, and this is part of what makes them great guide dogs. They also can handle the colder temperature water for much longer than other breeds. Perhaps this is why they were used for duck hunting for many centuries.

Gary Vorhies, a sales representative for a Canadian drilling company, loves Labrador Retrievers. He has two himself, and they all enjoy the fresh air on his small farm in Montana. They are just as much a part of his family as blood relatives would be.