Love Open Spaces? Travel to the North West United States

There are few places across the United States that are as wide open as the Northwestern territory. The skies are big, blue, and endless and the ground beneath your feet is sprawling and fertile. The region is made up of the states Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. Some of these states get passed over for those that offer more attractions, but if you want to experience the wide open spaces of the United States, these states will fulfill your desires.

Gary VorhiesWhile Oregon and Washington are coastal states, the others included in the Northwest are not. These states also have more cities with the highest populations compared to the other states. This is a huge difference when comparing the states of Montana and Wyoming, which are, in large part, made up of farmland.

Portland and Seattle may have the most number of high-rise buildings, as well as a considerable amount of opportunities, but the other states can offer an experience just as fulfilling, and in a completely different way. With fresh air, rolling hills and plenty of livestock, visiting one of these states is going to an experience to remember.

Gary Vorhies was born in Florida but moved to Wyoming as a child. He grew up in the state and always dreamed of living on a farm in Montana. He finally made that happen, and now he and his two dogs enjoy all the outdoor space they have on their land. He works from Montana as well, so he gets to experience its beauty day in and day out.