Help Spread Breast Cancer Awareness – Sponsor a Walking Team

There are many organizations out there that exist for the purpose of cancer awareness, and people can donate time and money to them. For breast cancer, that organization is Susan G. Komen Foundation. The foundation continues to strive for a cure for breast cancer, and it puts on many different events throughout the year for people to attend, to educate themselves, and to donate their time and money. One such activity that is popular with people is sponsoring a team to walk in certain events. These events take place all over the country so that anyone can join them, wherever they may live.

Gary Vorhies
People from the community will donate money to a team, or sponsor that team by paying the entry fees and joining up with others in the area. There are walks that take place over the course of three days, and team members will switch off to conserve energy for the rest of the time. The point of these walks is to raise money for the organization and to spread breast cancer awareness.

Joining or sponsoring a team is entertaining because you get to name the team with a fun moniker. Some names in the past have been: Bosom Buddies, The Rack Pack, or Two for the Road. It’s a great way of getting the word out to the world about breast cancer while also being clever.

Gary Vorhies is a big donator to charitable events, and he sponsors a walking team for breast cancer awareness. He believes that we should help out those in the community, and he enjoys doing just that.