Gary Vorhies – Nurturing A Sales Cycle

Often it is more known that Marketing handles the nurturing of potential clients but in reality the Salesperson is the face of that relationship. Nurturing the sales cycle and even the prospecting cycle is a series of things in a sequence of a customer journey. The user experience must come first before any other initiative at your company. You will need to spend countless hours developing literature, videos and guides to assist your buyer’s decision-making and assure them you have done your homework. This type of nurturing comes in the form of phone calls, emails, blogs, and even social media. If you’re pro-active and did enough research on your client’s profile, you will know exactly when and why a prospect will make the decision to buy your product. That only comes with product knowledge, teamwork, and confidence.

Gary VorhiesOnce your prospect is confident, you will then take them down the track for developing the opportunity. To develop the sales opportunity you will be displaying a proof of concept, price quoting and answering any tough questions on either a technical or competitive level. If you fumble or don’t have the right answers, your buyer’s confidence drops and you potentially lose the deal to a competitor. Remember, we live in a digital age of agile information on the internet, so many buyers will do their research and come to their conclusions. It’s your job to reassure them of your products advantages.

Gary Vorhies is a highly determined and highly motivated individual who understands the value of a hard days work. He has the strong reputation for being honest, hardworking, loyal, and a good businessman who conducts himself using sound business practices. He is more than knowledgeable when it comes to the corporate world and even has experience owning his business.