Gary Vorhies – Working Hard for Himself and Others

Gary Vorhies is nothing short of an expert when it comes to business and securing lucrative business ventures for major companies.

Gary is known for being hard working, determined, and dedicated to succeed no matter the challenge placed before him. He has worked hard his entire life in order to get where he is today, and he can appreciate the value of hard work just as well as anyone else in the business world today. He is a straight forward professional who values honesty as much as hard work and he is known for holding people responsible for their actions. Although he can be tough on his employees and the people he works with, he is the first to admit when he has made a mistake; he expects everyone to do the same.

Gary Vorhies

Gary Vorhies is currently working as a professional sales representative for a major Canadian drilling company and thoroughly enjoys his responsibilities. He loves working for a major company in such a competitive field, and he hopes to climb the ranks to reach a position of esteemed leadership in the industry.

As a professional sales representative, Gary is responsible for securing new business for his company while maintaining already existing business through company client relationships. Not only is he known for conducting good business practicing and having a sound knowledge of the industry, but he is also known for being extremely loyal. His company can trust him to get the job done and get it done right the first way.

Gary Vorhies is dedicated to the overall success of his career in the petroleum industry. He thoroughly enjoys working for a major Canadian drilling company as a professional sales representative. He works well in a team oriented environment or on his own independently; either way, his goal is to achieve success in his own career and for the company as a whole. Although it would seem that he is focused solely on the success of his career, he is also deeply committed to giving back to his community.

Gary is known for helping his community though various philanthropic endeavors including breast cancer research foundations and children’s organizations all over the country. He also regularly sponsors a walking team that walks in support of breast cancer research and ultimately finding a cure for the terrible disease. When he isn’t helping people in need or furthering the success of his already successful career, he can be found relaxing at home with his two dogs.