Gary Vorhies – Determined to Reach the Top

Gary Vorhies is a highly dedicated and highly motivated individual who is determined to make a name for himself in the petroleum industry.

Gary Vorhies

Gary is currently a member of the prestigious American Petroleum Institute and has been proud to call himself a member for the last four years. He has the reputation for being a hard working individual with the drive to succeed no matter the challenge placed before him. He has had a great deal of experience in the petroleum industry, and he hopes to use his experience to climb the ranks of his current company all the way to a top leadership position.

Gary Vorhies is currently working as a professional sales representative for a Canadian drilling company near his home in North West America, an area of the country where he has spent most of his professional life. He thoroughly enjoys the work he does for his company and being able to secure new business for their long term future. He has great people skills and a savvy business acumen that allows him to create new business while securing already existing client relationships. He understands that when it comes to peoples wants and needs, a sales representative is responsible for securing those needs while alleviating the consumer of any doubts regarding the services offered. He is not one to accept excuses, but only solutions and he will be brutally honest in any given situation whether it is a matter of business or of a personal nature.

Gary Vorhies is an expert when it comes to being a sales representative for a major company. His dedicated work ethic and ability to work well with others have made him an asset to every company that has hired him on their sales staff. Not only is he committed to the success of his career, but he is loyal to the company itself, and he is equally dedicated to their success as well.

However, Gary Vorhies is not just dedicated to his professional career. He is also dedicated to giving back to his community through a number of philanthropic endeavors. He is an advocate for breast cancer research and regularly sponsors a walking team that walks to raise money for the benefit of finding a cure for breast cancer. He also enjoys working with children in various capacities including financial donations to a number of children’s charities. He is dedicated to making the world a better place through one act of service at a time.