Gary Vorhies: A Travel Enthusiast

Gary Vorhies is a professional sales representative for a prominent drilling company in Canada, a career he has experienced much success in over the many years of his service. Gary however says that in order to do well at your career, you must also possess an avenue of escape, a way of purging all of your emotions and stress in order to get a clear and concise head once more. Gary says that one of his favorite ways to do so is to travel. Gary says that it is often easy to forget just how immense and beautiful the world is around you, and how vast the variety it possesses is.

Gary Vorhies
Gary Vorhies

Gary loves to travel because it reminds him that the world is so much bigger than his office at work, and offers so many unique foods and cultures, traditions and ideologies just waiting to be explored. Gary says that traveling to unique and exotic locals have given him both wonderful experienced, and perspective changing journeys as well. Gary says that standing on the peak of a mountain you just climbed for instance, gazing at the world down below, you will never feel that a skyscraper is as big as you thought again. Gary says that traveling is how you experience the richness that the world has to offer, and that a complete life is one where you have tasted a fruit from every tree, and smelled a flower from every garden.

Gary Vorhies says that the reason why people go on vacations is so that they can refresh their minds when they return back to work, being more productive in the process. Gary says that is why companies give vacation days, because they know their workers sometimes need a fresh perspective.