Gary Vorhies: A Travel Enthusiast

Gary Vorhies is a professional sales representative for a prominent drilling company in Canada, a career he has experienced much success in over the many years of his service. Gary however says that in order to do well at your career, you must also possess an avenue of escape, a way of purging all of your emotions and stress in order to get a clear and concise head once more. Gary says that one of his favorite ways to do so is to travel. Gary says that it is often easy to forget just how immense and beautiful the world is around you, and how vast the variety it possesses is.

Gary Vorhies
Gary Vorhies

Gary loves to travel because it reminds him that the world is so much bigger than his office at work, and offers so many unique foods and cultures, traditions and ideologies just waiting to be explored. Gary says that traveling to unique and exotic locals have given him both wonderful experienced, and perspective changing journeys as well. Gary says that standing on the peak of a mountain you just climbed for instance, gazing at the world down below, you will never feel that a skyscraper is as big as you thought again. Gary says that traveling is how you experience the richness that the world has to offer, and that a complete life is one where you have tasted a fruit from every tree, and smelled a flower from every garden.

Gary Vorhies says that the reason why people go on vacations is so that they can refresh their minds when they return back to work, being more productive in the process. Gary says that is why companies give vacation days, because they know their workers sometimes need a fresh perspective.

Gary Vorhies: Achieving Trust

Gary Vorhies is a professional salesman in the business world that has put up very good numbers for the company he works for over the past many years. Gary is nothing short of an expert salesman with many years of experience under his belt and a set of skills that make him a very valuable asset to any company. Gary says that over the years what he has realized about the sales field is that the best way to make a sale is to achieve trust within your clientele and customer base. Gary says that while this is a simple concept, that the actual execution of achieving trust is where in lies the complication, as the actions you need to take in order to accomplish this change depending upon your audience.

Gary VorhiesGary says that while for most run of the mill customers simply having a good understanding of your product and being able to answer all their questions is a satisfactory way to earn their trust. For more high profile clientele and customers however such as potential investors, they need to not just believe in your service or product, but your company and its philosophy itself. Gary says that as a salesman you have been chosen as the face of the company, a representative that best embodies the ideals of the company. So it is these customers impression of you that will inevitably dictate their impression of the company overall, which is why you must be experienced at interacting socially in high pressure and dynamic situations.

Gary Vorhies says that trust should be what you seek the most when attempting to get a sale from your customer, as consumers are most concerned with getting scammed. Once you win over the trust of your customers, the product will do the rest.

Gary Vorhies – Florida Native

Gary Vorhies is a professional businessman and salesman who has experienced much success over the length of his impressive career. Gary has been making waves in sales and generating numbers that is the envy of his peers and superiors alike. It was not always this way for Gary however, as he comes from rather humble beginnings. Gary was not always the diligent and disciplined worker today, as he grew up in Pensicola Florida. Gary grew up in this tropical, laid back paradise, one that was more concerned and focused on enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery than being productive and ambitious.Gary Vorhies

Gary Vorhies says that this was simply the way of Florida culture, but that he himself was never satisfied with taking things at face value, and he dreamed of doing more. Though Gary still has many fond memories of long walks on the beach or lounging under the warmth of the Florida sun, he says he wouldn’t trade his current life in Canada for anything in the world. Gary says that he has never felt more challenged or satisfied in a work position than he does now, which is well worth braving the less than ideal climate that Canada offers.

Gary Vorhies has even started to become fond of the cold, saying that it can be refreshing and much easier to think in cold weather than hot weather. Gary says that the cool Canadian climate is very conducive to productivity at the work place, and keeping the mind sharp and crisp. The only thing Gary misses occasionally about his time in Florida is all the great friends he made even from his brief time there. Gary even visits his old hometown occasionally, whenever he is feeling a little nostalgic and needs a get away.